Design and composition

Easily apply the timeless aesthetics and natural appeal of the Golden Ratio to your creative works in art, architecture, graphic design, logos, product design, photo cropping, and more.

“Without mathematics there is no art,” observed Luca Pacioli, author of “The Divine Proportion.” Mathematics is the foundation of the universe, guides our perception and gives us a sense of what is natural and beautiful.  PhiMatrix was inspired by the same realization, and now makes it easy for artists driven by the creativity of the right brain to easily apply mathematical principles of design that are driven by the left brain.

Great for any kind of design work

PhiMatrix can be used to lay out Phi-based “Golden Ratio” dimensions (or your custom dimensions) for any design project, whether it be graphic design, a canvas for a painting, logo design, advertising layouts, fashion design, automotive design, floral design, a photo to be cropped, arranging paintings on a wall or furniture in a room or anything else you can imagine.  (It also offers an Expert mode which allows you to select a variety of other grids styles or use custom grid line ratios.)

Invaluable aid to aesthetics

Phi-based proportions provide an inherent natural sense of beauty, balance and harmony because these proportions appear so pervasively in nature.  We thus instinctively sense these proportions as being aesthetically and artistically pleasing.  (If you’d like to learn more about this see, particularly the pages on Art and Architecture.)

Excellence in design without the guesswork or the math

Artists have long used a “Rule of Thirds” for composition, but that just provides a rough approximation of the proportions that we see in nature.  PhiMatrix provides a simple way to create a variety of grid patterns that apply the mathematics of design found in nature to your own artistic creations, giving them a beauty and appeal that has been sought and applied by mankind since the earliest days of civilization.  The phi-based PhiMatrix grid captures the mathematics of design that is the basis for the inherent beauty that appears in nature.  And, as put by Luca Pacioli, a collaborator of Leonardo Da Vinci, “Without mathematics there is no art.”

A simple guide

In its easiest form, the grid can be used by applying a simple golden ratio point from each border as a guide to align key elements of composition.  That could include the position of a horizon on a landscape or the dimensions and position of a face in a portrait:


Basic PhiMatrix grid showing two horizontal and two vertical phi lines Landscape by Michael Story showing phi lines Mona Lisa showing phi lines


Or … a framework of composition

In its more extended forms, the grid can be used to create a framework upon which key elements of design can be placed.  When the grid is removed, the eye will still perceive the underlying proportions of relationship that align with our innate sense of beauty and aesthetics in nature.  Just as vanishing lines are applied to give a natural sense of perspective, phi-based golden ratio lines can be applied to give a natural sense of aesthetics and balance.

PhiMatrix sample composition grid

Express your unique creativity

Applying the grid to your own work still gives you complete artistic and creative control, but with a framework that can simplify the process of achieving this sense of proportion and balance.  It’s a guide, not a rule, to composition, but one that can be used to produce exceptional results quickly and reliably, and with a variety of options to apply phi in your own unique way.  You can even create custom grids with lines ratios other than phi to create your own unique framework.

Yet appeal to the innate sense of balance

Note how these proportions have been applied by artists, architects, designers and more in the examples below, whether consciously or unconsciously.  These phi proportions are now easily unveiled by overlaying the PhiMatrix grid and can be just as easily applied by using PhiMatrix with your own works.  Overlay the PhiMatrix grid on digital design/editing software of any kind (PhotoShop, AutoCAD, landscape architecture software, etc.) and use it as a framework upon which you place and proportion key elements and lines of your own designs.  Just align or proportion the key elements of your composition with the grid to achieve results like master artists and designers have been creating for centuries.

Try PhiMatrix for free now or learn more about its many applications.


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