Design and analysis software for Windows and Mac, inspired by Phi, the Golden Ratio.
Make great composition decisions in seconds. Endless applications. Easy to use.
Better than a plugin. Overlays any image on your screen.
Dozens of customizable grids and templates.

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64-bit macOS Catalina versions available.
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PhiMatrix 2022 Windows and macOS HTTPS security update.
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PhiMatrix Golden Ratio Design Overview

Artist, analyst or both?

PhiMatrix comes in two versions.

Golden Ratio Design has a simple tool strip that requires nothing more than clicking on the icons to select the many program options.

1.618 Pro has a more robust control window to see and adjust the exact settings of the grid, and many more templates.

They can work alone or together to help you make great composition decisions, quickly and easily.

Trials and Specials

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PhiMatrix Golden Ratio Design – $19.95

Simple, intuitive icon-based tool bar. Great for artists, designers, photographers. Golden ratio grids, diagonals and spirals.

Download now, free trial:

Purchase by using the "License-Purchase" menu in the app or at Online Store.

License provides use by a single user on two computers, on Windows and Mac.

Simple icon toolbar

Designed to be simple and intuitive in any language. Just click on any icon repeatedly to cycle through the most used program options. You can also hover over any icon and spin the mouse wheel for options.

PhiMatrix Golden Ratio Design Toolbar

Need more control? Easy! Each toolbar icon has a popup window with custom options to provide a complete feature set. Just hold the Control/Command key and click on the icon to open.

PhiMatrix GRD Aspect Window
PhiMatrix GRD Spiral Window

PhiMatrix 1.618 Professional – $34.95

Same concepts as Golden Ratio Design. Additional templates. Custom ratios. Rulers. Extended control panel.

Download now, free trial:

Purchase by using the "License-Purchase" menu in the app or at Online Store.

License provides use by a single user on two computers, on Windows and Mac.

Extensive set of controls

Keep a small footprint for the most used features. For additional options, click on the Mode icon (upper left) to expand the Control Window or select from menus. Click on “Phi…” area of top border to grab and move.

PhiMatrix Pro Control Window Small Animated

Want to learn more?

To learn how you can use and apply the golden ratio in your own works, see the Overview and Uses pages.

See what our enthusiastic users say on the Testimonials page.

PhiMatrix was developed by golden ratio expert Gary Meisner, founder of and author of "The Golden Ratio: The Divine Beauty of Mathematics."

PhiMatrix featured on the Science Channel

The Science Channel's "If We Built It Today" featured Gary Meisner and PhiMatrix in action in their episode "Code of the Parthenon." Learn how the ancient Greeks used the golden ratio for beauty and aesthetics.

PhiMatrix grid move and resize borders

How to Purchase PhiMatrix

Purchase options: Use "License-Purchase License" menu option for automatic activation,
or use the Online Store links above to purchase and then enter the code emailed to you using "License-Activate".


Have questions or need help?

If you have any questions about PhiMatrix or need assistance with installation or ongoing support, just send your requests via the Contact page for a quick response. We're here to help, with the goal of exceeding your expectations!